Entry #1

-Anihilation- SE

2007-07-18 15:41:16 by slipz10

-Annihilation- SE is a bigger and better version of the 1st one. The 1st one had to much errors, i couldn't complete it. So this will make up for it.


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2007-08-07 23:37:08

Kool, when will it be done?

slipz10 responds:

Madness day


2007-08-20 14:51:52

From what I saw, you could use a little help in animating, still. It was a tad bit of a lazy work.

slipz10 responds:

Blah blah blah. Just get on msn.


2007-08-22 07:41:00

Lol looks good.


2007-08-29 17:26:02

yes looks very good from what i've pieced together from all your previews!
Annihilation 2?

slipz10 responds:

Thanks. It will be epic. And yes annihilation II. You can have a preiview.


2007-09-09 04:44:06

It looks alot better than annihilation, I couldnt even watch all of that! Madness day soon, hurry up dude!

slipz10 responds:

I'm trying to get it done. It's hard you know.


2007-09-09 04:49:20

Of course its hard, its flash! but I was justs saying, keep your attention on it now.

slipz10 responds:

But hello.


2007-09-10 14:59:54

I poo in people's mouths so they get the specail chocolate flavour!
Also Annihilation 2 looks awsome even though oh shi... i better shut up

slipz10 responds:

Sounds lovely


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